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This band was born during the pandemic times, it is the encounter of Italian musicians who met in New York City pursuing the same interest: playing Jazz. Since they met, a beautiful collaboration has started and they have a new album of original music coming up in 2023 featuring the incredible Peter Bernstein on guitar.

The band features Francesco Patti on tenor saxophone, Andrea Domenici on piano, Giuseppe Cucchiara on double bass and Andrea Niccolai on drums. Francesco Patti is one of the upcoming jazz stars in Italy. He won the most prestigious jazz competition in Italy called “Premio Massimo Urbani” (2012) and collaborated with one of the most prestigious Italian jazz drummers Stefano Bagnoli who founded a band of young jazz stars called “We Kids”. Francesco Patti has been part of the band since its beginning.

Also Giuseppe Cucchiara was part of Bagnoli’s band “We kids”. One of the most sophisticated Italian bass players, he moved to the USA where he is currently residing. He has collaborated with some of the top jazz players in the world such as Dado Moroni, Joe Lovano, Rodney Green, Joe Farnsworth, Kenny Washington, Harry Allen and Johnny O’Neal to name a few.

Born and raised in Italy, Andrea Niccolai is one of the upcoming Italian Jazz drummers worldwide. He was mentored by the jazz legend Kenny Washington and he has worked with some of the most prominent jazz players in New York City such as Joy Brown, Joe Magnarelli, Gary Smulyan, Saul Rubin, Eric Alexander and Johnny O’Neal.

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