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The maturity in handling the repertoire, the interpretation, the comprehension of the language, and the tremendous regard for jazz history are what set this CD apart from others. Although there are hints of Hank Jones, Bud Powell, Tommy Flanagan, and Kenny Barron throughout the all record, Andrea Domenici is able to blend these in‑uences to create a very unique sound which is characterized by rich, intriguing harmonies and fluent lines.

The bassist Peter Washington, whose time feel, lines, intuitions, and genius have delighted musicians and listeners alike for many years, and the master drummer Billy Drummond, whose swing feel, creativity, driving force, and elegance have won the hearts of many people all over the world, are two fantastic traveling partners who Andrea chose for his ­rst record. The fact that Peter and Billy are two of the kindest, most intelligent individuals alive undoubtedly elevates their music to a higher level. The jazz scene is in need of fresh, youthful, brilliant, and swinging performers who respect the history of the genre while looking ahead. Andrea Domenici embodies all these traits, and he has established himself as a major voice in jazz music.

This album is meant to re‑ect Andrea Domenici’s recent musical and personal journey. Some of his favorite Monk’s melodies, standards and original compositions are present in this album. Thelonious Monk's music has had a signi­cant impact on Andrea during the past six years; Monk’s rhythms and melodies always got Domenici’s attention. In the liner notes of the album “Playing Who I am”, Andrea dedicated each song to people who had a signi­cant in‑uence on both his personal and artistic lives.

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